IFBB International Certification...
Advanced Fitness & Bodybuilding Trainer Specialist Certification Course

I am in an agreement with the IFBB to distribute the IFBB Certification Course in Denmark.
By registering through me, it will be considered as it were done directly on the IFBB website.

The Course is updated (2008) educational material formatted and saved on .PDF format.
The Course contains 13 themes, which are divided in 4 modules and there is one evaluation
for each module.
Each student can begin and finish the course at his/her own pace and at any time.
After completion of the Course one would receive and diploma issued by the IFBB, which is
recognized in more than 180 countries.

Course of World Dimension

The newest IFBB course program is composed of 13 themes that approach the most important areas of
interest for any individual that wants to begin a carrier as a Personal Trainer or Weight training specialist
as well as to coordinate a fitness and weight training room or to be the owner or director of a health club.

For the National Federations affiliated to the IFBB the course can be a valuable promotional tool either
financially and institutionally.

Summary and Overview

  • Module I

    • Theme I - Basic Concepts of the musculoskeletal system
    • Theme II - General Physiology
    • Theme III - Physiology of the exercise

  • Module II

    • Theme IV – Musculoskeletal Injuries
    • Theme V - Basic Concepts of Anthropometrics
    • Theme VI - kinesiology Foundations of weight training

  • Module III

    • Theme VII - Biomechanical Foundations of weight training
    • Theme VIII - Kinesiology and biomechanics applied to weight training exercises
    • Theme IX - Basic Nutrition

  • Module IV

    • Theme X - Training Cycles
    • Theme XI - Questionnaires and controls
    • Theme XII - The safety training
    • Theme XIII - Organization and Administration of a weight training room


    • Interpretations of blood analysis
    • Motivation

Advantages of this Educational Program

For individuals:

* Certificates issued by IFBB, the World Authority on Weight Training;
* Prestige of the worldly recognized IFBB logo;
* Diploma recognized in more than 180 countries;
* Each student can begin and finish the course at his/her own pace and at any time.
* There is no need to be graduated in Physical Education to register for the course.
* Totally made via Internet.
* Course material and evaluations available in English and Spanish.

Updated and on a new format for 2008 !

All the material is constantly updated and is elaborated in a very didactic manner to facilitate the learning process. Each theme begins with a “Chapter Outline” and “Key Terms” and ends with "Study Questions" that help the student to retain the acquired knowledge and to prepare for the final evaluation of each module.

Course structure

The course has an extensive and updated educational material formatted and saved on .PDF format from the Adobe program and can be read with the Acrobat Reader Program.

The IFBB will have a central archive with all the data to have a better and more structured support for the issues of certificates, updating of the educational material, etc…

Course Registration


The price of the course is €600,00 per person. It can be paid by Direct Bank Transfer or by International Credit Card via PayPal
If you are interested in registering, please click here to register and to see the details regarding bank transfer and credit card payment.
Click here to send my an email regarding your registration. Please remember to write to the attention

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ):

A document with the frequent asked questions about the IFBB course program and their answers can be downloaded by clicking here.

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